Fountain and Diffused Aeration Systems

AEC provides sales, installation, service, and troubleshooting on several makes and models of aeration/decorative fountains and diffused aeration systems including Otterbine, Aquamaster, Air-O-Lator, Outdoor Water Solutions and Kasco. Aquatic Ecosystem Consultants also provides custom designed lake and pond aeration systems.


Fountains add an extra dimension to your pond, providing height and beauty to any body of water. The added attraction draws the eye and provides viewers the satisfaction of a natural feel and sound of falling water. Added lights will allow your pond to produce a pleasing aesthetic into the late hours. Fountains also add circulation and water movement to stagnant water bodies which helps reduce noxious weed and algae growth.

A popular AEC service is our Winter Storage Program which includes the removal of the fountain(s) and storage in our insured facility over the winter to avoid freezing damage. During this period, they undergo an inspection and any maintenance required. Reinstallation is included in the spring.

Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused Aeration Systems do their work behind the scenes by helping improve water quality and maximizing oxygenated water. Bodies of water will naturally stratify during the spring and summer months which produce a thermocline where the warm oxygenated top water ceases to mix with the cooler anoxic lower levels.

Diffused Aeration Systems consist of an onshore compressor that pumps air to diffusion pads that sit on the bottom of the pond and produce a column of air that rises to the surface. The column of air that rises through these levels creates friction that will lift the bottom anoxic water to the surface and as the bubbles on the surface break the atmospheric oxygen is mixed into the pond. These systems create a more uniform temperature and dissolved oxygen throughout the entire water body and can help reduce phosphorous levels, as phosphorous binds with iron in the presence of oxygen. The circulated water will also increase the suitable habitat for the fish and decrease the risk of fish kills due to heat, ice, or heavy rains.

Surface Aerators

Surface aerators offer several advantages for ponds and lakes, making them valuable tools for aquatic ecosystem management. One primary benefit is their ability to enhance oxygen levels in the water. By creating agitation and surface turbulence, these aerators promote the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the water, ensuring a continuous supply of oxygen to support aquatic life. Adequate oxygenation helps prevent the formation of anaerobic conditions, reducing the risk of noxious gas buildup and enhancing overall water quality.

Another advantage of surface aerators is their effectiveness in preventing stratification. Ponds and lakes often experience thermal layering, where different temperature zones form distinct layers of water. This can lead to issues such as nutrient stratification and the development of harmful algal blooms. Surface aerators disrupt this stratification by promoting mixing, distributing oxygen throughout the water column, and discouraging the conditions that favor excessive nutrient concentrations. This not only aids in the prevention of algae-related problems but also contributes to a more balanced and healthier aquatic environment.

Diffused aeration systems are now available in electric, solar, and wind-powered.

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