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Welcome to Aquatic Ecosystem Consultants, a full service, professional lake and pond management company.

If you manage a lake or pond, we have you covered.

Aquatic Ecosystem Consultants provides services for a wide variety of lake and pond types including storm water retention, irrigation, recreational, swimming, decorative, wetlands, lagoons, and fishing. We are licensed in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska.

Aquatic Plant Management Programs

Aquatic Ecosystem Consultants provides effective aquatic vegetation control for submerged vegetation, emergent aquatic weeds, floating plants, and filamentous/planktonic algae.

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Harmful/Toxic Algae Bloom Management Programs

AEC Management Plans are set up in a way to minimize and monitor the issues that are associated with blue-green algae blooms.

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Fountain and Diffused Aeration Systems

AEC provides sales, installation, service, and troubleshooting on several makes and models of aeration/decorative fountains and diffused aeration systems.

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Trash and Debris Removal

Trash removal may be one of the most impactful responsibilities in our line of work.

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Water Quality Monitoring Programs

There are many complex interactions and processes involved in the management of a freshwater system. 

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Dredging, Renovation, and Design Resources

AEC works with experts in the field of excavation, lake design, renovating, and dredging.

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Fish Stocking, Surveys and Management Plans

AEC works with trusted professional fish hatcheries and fish biologists to develop fish management plans and surveys suited for our client’s fishery goals.

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AEC is currently a member of

  • Sepro Stewards of Water
  • Society of Lake Management Professionals
  • Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society (MAPMS)
  • Otterbine Service Center
  • AquaElite Aeration Providers
  • ProcellaCOR Specialist

Your one-stop shop for lake and pond management.

AEC provides timely and innovative solutions to issues that many Midwest lake and pond owners experience.

Managing a lake or pond can be extremely challenging as each is unique in the problems or the issues they are experiencing.  With so many factors to consider it is imperative to evaluate each lake or pond individually with an onsite evaluation.  Ponds and lakes can experience issues with nuisance algae and aquatic weeds, nutrient problems, water clarity, lake design, erosion issues, wildlife issues, etc.

We are in the business of helping people achieve their goals with their water bodies by identifying the issues and providing ongoing support, service, and/or recommendations.

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Who We Help

AEC provides support and services for the following types of clients and more.


Apartment Complexes

Residential Properties

Commercial Properties

Golf Courses

New Developments

State and Local Governments and Municipalities

Parks and Recreation Departments

Engineering Companies

Preserve. Protect. Prevent.

We help you get the most out of your lake or pond and ensure beauty, clarity and safety for generations to come.

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